Thursday, 30 April 2015

Building Generation of Leaders through Sayap Garuda Scholarship

Thursday, 30 April 2015 – Today, Tanoto Foundation held the Sayap Garuda Scholars Gathering in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau. Over 190 scholarship recipients attended the event, many of whom are Elementary, Secondary, and High School students.

Sayap Garuda Foundation is a scholarship program from Tanoto Foundatio and other corporate partners, dedicated for children of RGE Group’s employees. The programs are implemented in North Sumatera Riau, and Jambi. Up to this day, Tanoto Foundation and corporate partners have rewarded scholarship to 2.263 students and university students through Sayap Garuda Foundation.

The annual gathering is held to strengthen the bond between Tanoto Foundation, RGE Group, corporations, and the scholarship recipients. In line with the theme that is “Learn and Lead” the scholarship recipients, or more widely known as Tanoto Scholars, undertook various activities including fun games to build their group-work and leadership capacities.

“Tanto Foundation was established by my parents, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto and Mrs. Tinah Tanoto, to support the effort in tackling poverty through three pillars: education, empowerment, and enhancement of quality of lives. In the realm of education, we support the improvement of accessibility and quality of education in Indonesia,” Anderson Tanoto, one of the Board Member of Trustees of Tanoto Foundation, stated.

“Sayap Garuda Scholarship program is part of our effort to raise the accessibility of education, as wide as we can, to all high-achieving families of RGE Group’s employees. Overall, Tanoto Foundation has rewarded scholarship to more than 5.200 students and university students, as well as forging partnership with 28 universities in Indonesia,” Anderson Tanoto added.

In improving the quality of education, Tanoto Foundation has partnered with over 320 schools in North Sumatera, Riau, and Jambi. The programs they manage include teachers’ capacities development in classroom teaching, students’ training on being health and clean conscious, as well as the support for students to become more of avid readers.

In the realm of community empowerment, Tanoto Foundation works with PT. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper as the corporate partner. One of their programs is to train 3.400 farmers in Integrated Farming System. Tanoto Foundation also work with other corporate partners, including Asian Agri. The program includes the effort to raise the income of more than 29.000 farmers who manage over 60.000 hectares of palm oil plantation.

Sedangkan dalam bidang peningkatan kualitas hidup untuk masyarakat, Tanoto Foundation bersama mitra korporasi melakukan berbagai kegiatan seperti pelaksanaan program kesehatan dan pembangunan sarana air bersih dan sanitasi.

In the realm of enhancement of quality of lives, Tanoto Foundation and corporate partners have  undertaken several activities including health awareness programs and the building of clean water and sanitation system.

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About Tanoto Foundation

Tanoto Foundation, which was established by Sukanto Tanoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto, has a vision to become a center of excellence in the effort for Poverty Alleviation through Education, Empowerment, and Enhancement of Quality of Lives. In the realm of education, Tanoto Foundation supports the improvement of accessibility and quality of education in Indonesia. In the realm of education, Tanoto Foundation has reward scholarship for undergraduate and postgraduate students, conduct programs to increase the quality of education through PELITA Education in North Sumatera, Riau, and Jambi in partnership with APRIL and Asian Agri, organize National Champion Scholarship and Regional Champion Scholarship program, Advanced Education Support that supports the development of applied research in universities, as well as other educational partnership programs. In the realm of community empowerment, Tanoto Foundation has held support programs for small and micro enterprises, as well as raising the income of the public, both independently and through CSR programs with other corporate partners, particularly APRIL and Asian Agri. In the realm of enhancement of quality of lives, Tanoto Foundation actively supports disaster victims in many areas, by improving the access to clean water and other health programs, including cataract surgery, and other free health programs.

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