TELADAN, which means role model in Indonesian, is a scholarship and training program designed to equip the next generation of Indonesia’s leaders with the skills they need to make a meaningful contribution to the places in which they live and work. Participants are eligible for scholarships which cover the full cost of tuition and a monthly allowance, and also received structured leadership training and mentoring.

TELADAN aims to produce responsible leaders who are able to face tomorrow’s challenges by offering trainings in soft skills, internships and apprenticeships, community development programs, as well as activities which develop collaboration and networking skills. The program also helps address Indonesia’s still-low university gross enrollment rate, which in 2017 stood at 33.37%.

TELADAN Partner Universities

TELADAN Partner Universities - Training and Scholarship Program 


Muhammad Fakhruzzaman

In his fourth semester, Fakhruz applied an internship program at Schlumberger with a 3.8 GPA, Fakhruz was accepted and underwent training for a month in Balikpapan. His hard work paid-off when Schlumberger management recommended him to be hired full-time. Fakhruz proved that hard work has always been key to building a career at a worldclass international company.


Saskya Sastavyana

Saskya earned a Tanoto scholarship in 2008. Not worrying about education costs, Saskya excelled academically and involved herself in various activities, both on and off campus. She went on to become the first female manager in Unilever Indonesia responsible for overseeing one sales area, leading her team to become one of the top three sales of 34 areas, for three consecutive years.


Mahtuf Ikhsan

By the age of 20, Mahtuf has attended 11 international conferences across Asia and Europe. Since his first international conference in Philippines as a high school student, Mahtuf has been eager to attend conferences, finding them beneficial in his existing knowledge and also expanding his professional network.


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