The Tanoto Foundation Centre for Child and Maternal Health Programs (CHaMP) in Singapore focuses on research and development of best practices in early childhood and maternal health. It serves as a centre of thought leadership to drive innovation, and help educate the public on best practices.

The Centre for CHaMP Focus

  1. Research and development for best practices in early childhood and maternal health
  2. Bridging gaps of knowledge dissemination and education to the public
  3. Developing thought leadership provided by the research and educational projects generated by the Centre
  4. Forming multi-stakeholders partnerships in the early childhood development and maternal health space


In 2019, CHaMP initiated the CRADLE (Community-enabled Readiness for first 1000-Days Learning Ecosystem) programme for first-time parents, which seeks to develop a self-learning eco-community from pregnancy to early childhood, to promote parental self-efficacy and improve health outcomes for their children.

A child’s first 1,000 days present a unique window of opportunity for stimulation and development, and through this programme, we hope to strengthen the ability and confidence of first-time families to optimally manage their pregnancies and transition into parenthood, with the child benefiting from the best possible nurturing in their first 1,000 days of life.


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