Tuesday, 10 October 2023

Navigating Toddler Mealtime Challenges: Sharing from Chef Martin Praja

Tanoto Foundation’s host Ivy Batuta talks with Chef Martin Praja about how to deal with toddlers who refuse to eat or who only want to eat their favorite food. The 33-year-old chef and father shares his experiences in handling his two-year-old son, Mori, during mealtime.

When Mori refuses to eat, it can be due to various reasons like hunger, food preferences, or health issues. Martin suggests avoiding sugary snacks and providing real food with proteins, veggies, and fruits. He often allows Mori to choose his food, encouraging independence.

When Mori rejects vegetables, Martin suggests keeping a variety of veggies on the table and sneakily incorporating them into different dishes. For example, he often cooks Chawanmushi, a Japanese savoury custard, adding nutrition to Mori’s diet.

As a chef and a father, Martin emphasizes the importance of communication and involving both parents in meal planning. He plans to teach Mori cooking skills in the future, promoting a healthy relationship with food.

Let’s share experiences and tips on ensuring our little ones enjoy a balanced diet! Listen to the interview at YouTube Tanoto Foundation.

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