Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tanoto Scholars Gathering 2017 Leaves Lasting Memories

The annual Tanoto Scholars Gathering (TSG) event, which gathers all the Tanoto Scholars from across Indonesia on one place once a year, is one that is worth remembering.

Besides allowing Tanoto Scholars to build networks, the TSG also provides participating scholars with the opportunity to learn many lessons which can help them become future leaders.

Last year’s TSG 2017 was held in Pangkalan Kerinci in Indonesia’s Riau province from November 22 to 25. More than 250 Tanoto Scholars from 21 different universities enthusiastically participated in the four-day event.

“I really enjoyed the community service activities at the Buatan Baru elementary school on the first day. We made biopori holes and planted trees with the students there. This enhanced our awareness about how important it is for us to protect the environment,” said Abigail Flavia Dominilla, a Tanoto Scholar from Mulawarman University.

Agastyan Akbar, a Tanoto Scholar from Diponegoro University, expressed an interesting sentiment, saying that the art performance (held during the event) was very challenging for him.

For the performance, Agastyan and his friends had to spend almost a month creating a concept and training. During the process, they had to work together and help each other. Agastyan’s hard work was rewarded as he was named the best performer in the art performance.

Another Tanoto Scholar, Bella Fista of Andalas University, said she was very interested when she had the chance to visit the RGE Technology Center.

“I gained new insights when I saw the research and development centre there. I was able to view research which is conducted regularly and the latest technology which is in line with my educational background,” said the pharmacy student.

Meanwhile, Hengki Setiawan, a Tanoto Scholar from Jambi University, said he enjoyed the public speaking classes held during the TSG most.

As a student who is active in extracurricular activities on campus, public speaking is very useful to him as he has to use the skill when he is conducting discussions or organizing meetings.

We hope to see you at the Tanoto Scholars Gathering 2018. Various interesting activities lie ahead for our Tanoto Scholars!

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