Thursday, 27 August 2015

Tanoto Foundation’s Support for the Education Sector

Anderson Tanoto listening to explanation of Zamzam, Tanoto Scholar from Riau, on activities to support SDS Global Andalan library.

SDN 004 Bukit Agung, Riau, is one of the 322 schools that collaborate with Tanoto Foundation. To improve the quality of education, Tanoto Foundation works with schools in rural areas in North Sumatra, Jambi, and Riau. A total of 38,000 students and 4,400 teachers are the beneficiaries of the Foundation’s programs. Tanoto Foundation also supports the improvement of the teachers capacity. Teachers are trained so they are able to deliver the teaching and learning process in a more active way and for students to be more creative and collaborative.

Apart from supporting schools to improve their quality of education, Tanoto Foundation also supports the improvement of access to education through its scholarship program.  To date, Tanoto Foundation has provided more than 5,400 scholarships for students in Indonesia. Recipients of Tanoto Foundation scholarship, or Tanoto Scholars, not only obtain financial support, but they also get counseling and are trained in soft skills development.

Anderson Tanoto, member of Tanoto Foundation Board of Trustees, said that the Foundation’s effort to support those who are in need is based on the conviction of his parents, Bapak Sukanto Tanoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto. “My parents believe that everyone has the right to achieve a better life and to be a productive member of society. Education is one of the main components of this endeavor.”

For more information about Tanoto Foundation support in education sector in Indonesia, please click here.

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