Sunday, 21 August 2016

Tanoto Foundation Trained Health Cadres

Tanoto Foundation in cooperation with one of its corporate partners, PT. Riau Andalan Pulp And Paper (PT. RAPP,) recently conducted training for health cadres in Gunung Sari Village, Riau.

Tanoto Foundation held this training at health clinic in Gunung Sahilan II as part of its routine activities to assist people who live around the operational areas of PT. RAPP. M. Daim, Community Development Officer Estate of PT. RAPP, said that such activity is the realization of Tanoto Foundation’s and PT. RAPP’s concern for community well being. “In addition to the training activities, we also provided food packages for the communities and services such as circumcision for disadvantaged families,” he explained.

The community response was positive.  They found the assistance very useful. Nurul, one of the locals expressed his gratitude to Tanoto Foundation and PT. RAPP for the institutions’ attention and activities for the Gunung Sari Village community members.

“Thanks to Tanoto Foundation and PT. RAPP for their support. In addition to receiving health program assistance, our areas received support in infrastructure development and scholarships for our children.”  Nurul said.

Head of Health Clinic at Gunung Sahilan, dr Fiska was also supportive of this activity. She hoped that the cadre training sessions can be continued in order to improve the health of children in this village in the long run.

“The training is very important for health cadres to support the well being of the next generation in this area. With the support from Tanoto Foundation and PT. RAPP, this health clinic is ours. It is from us, by us, and for us. So, we need to work together to manage this clinic so all of us can be healthy,” said dr. Fiska.

Activities such as providing health services are part of Tanoto Foundation and PT RAPP efforts to enhance the quality of lives of communities members in North Sumatera, Jambi, and Riau.

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