Monday, 15 June 2015

Tanoto Foundation Supports the Progress to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals

Monday, 15 June 2015 – Today, at the heart of Bhayangkara Jaya University in Bekasi, Tanoto Multi-Function Building and Tanoto Library are officially opened. As a new facility for a centre of activities and studies for students as well as all staffs at Bhayangkara Jaya University, Tanoto Multi-Function Building and Tanoto Library are testaments to Tanoto Foundation’s commitment in supporting the improvement of access and quality of education in Indonesia.

In this occasion, Chairman of Trustees of the Brata Bhakti Foundation, retired Police General Drs. Sutanto, explained, “The construction of this multi-function building that is also relatively representative is part of the funding from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of PT. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia and Tanoto Foundation as part of its mission for social cause to support the improvement of education in the country.”

Drs. Sutanto continued that the presence of Ubhara Jaya Library, equipped with both print and electronic references can be a complete and updated source of information. “Therefore, it can help and support the process of learning and research for all academics at Ubhara Jaya, as well as residents of Bekasi and other areas,” Drs. Sutanto added.

In line with the support to push the quality of universities under Brata Bhakti Polri Foundation, by fulfilling the facilities needed in the campur area, Bhayangkara Jakarta University will continue improving several of its vital sectors, including administration, academics, students, finance, personal, as well the managerial capacities of the structural officers, and the improvement for the quality of professors. “Included is the realization for a proper management governance, such as accountability, transparency, responsibility, and fairness,” Drs. Sutanto explained.

Simultaneously, Imelda Tanoto, a member of Trustees for Tanoto Foundation, emphasized that,
“Tanoto Centre and Tanoto Library is part of Tanoto Foundation’s support to improve the access and quality of higher education in Indonesia. Since 2001, Tanoto Foundation has contributed to the improvement of education sector in Indonesia. To improve such access, we provided support for hardware in the form of building and physical facilities, including the Tanoto Centre and Tanoto Library.”

Tanoto Centre is equipped with classrooms and Tanoto Library. At the Tanoto Library, there are modern facilities including digital access to thousands of international journals and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for organizational system and the security of books. Moreover, the Centre also facilitated a multi-function auditorium that is capable of facilitating 1000 individuals.

The increasing in the number of classrooms at Grha Tanoto is a support to the rising number of students at Bhayangkara University. This is a support to improve the level of participations from universities in Indonesia that is currently only at the level of 30%.

 “To improve the quality of education, Tanoto Foundation supports the strengthening of software, which in this case takes form in teachers’ capacities at the university, as well as supporting the development of research, both by students and proffessors,” Imelda Tanoto continued.

“The development of hardware and software will support the effort to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in the realm of education, that is a more equitable education, as well as opportunities for lifelong learning,” Imelda Tanoto concluded.

During the opening, apart from the attendance of Indonesia’s Police Force, it was also attended by former Chief Police Commander, Imelda Tanoto as a member of Trustees for Tanoto Foundation, officials from PT. Wilmar Nabati Indonesia, mayor of Bekasi, Coordinator of Private and Higher Education Coordination area III, as well as the Chairman and committees of Brata Bhakti Foundation and academics of Ubhara Jaya.



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About Tanoto Foundation

Tanoto Foundation, which was established by Sukanto Tanoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto, has a vision to become a center of excellence in the effort for Poverty Alleviation through Education, Empowerment, and Enhancement of Quality of Lives. In the realm of education, Tanoto Foundation supports the improvement of accessibility and quality of education in Indonesia.

In order to improve the accessibility of education, Tanoto Foundation has rewarded scholarships to more than 5,400 students and university students, as well as working in partnership with 28 Universities in Indonesia. Moreover, to improve the quality of education, Tanoto Foundation works in partnership with over 320 schools in North Sumatera, Riau, and Jambi. Among the programs operated are to develop the capacities of teachers in classroom-based teaching and learning, training for students to improve their habit to live clean and healthy, as well as supporting students to improve their fascination in reading books.

In the realm of Community Empowerment, Tanoto Foundation works with corporate partners, PT. Riau Andalan Pul and Paper. One of their programs is to train 3,400 farmers in the Integrated Farming System. Tanoto Foundation also works with other corporate partners, including Asian Agri. The programs were developed to raise the income of more than 3,600 independent farmers who manage in approximate 11,000 hectares of sustainable palm oil plantations.

In the realm of Enhancement of Quality of Lives, Tanoto Foundation works with corporate partners to run programs such as health and development of clean water and sanitation facilities.

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About Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya University

Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya University is a university located within Private and Higher Education Coordination (KOPERTIS) Area III in Jakarta. The university is established under the guidance of Brata Bhakti Polri Foundation as the organizers of Ubhara Jaya. It has two campuses, which are the one in Jakarta at Jalan Dharmawangsa, and the one in Bekasi at Jalan Perjuangan, North Bekasi. At the moment, the university is growing rapidly. This is evident to the significance rise of students enrolled in the university. In 2012, the number of accepted students is only 947, while a year later it rose to to 1681, and in 2015, it was predicted to reach 1,800.

Bhayangkara Jakarta Raya University has 5 (five) faculties for undergraduate studies with various program of studies, as well as 2 (two) faculties for postgraduate studies. The faculties include Engineering, Law, Economics, Communication, and Psychology. Particular for postgraduate studies, the available faculties are Law and Economics.

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Bekasi, 15 Juni 2015

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