Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Tanoto Foundation Supports Improvement of Education Quality in Indonesia

Pulau Padang, 12 September 2017 – According to the 2016/2017 Education Summary published by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia in 2017, number of classrooms for Primary Education level reaches 1,049,116.  Unfortunately, out of this number, only 270,028 or 25.7% of those classrooms are in good condition while the rest is in disrepair in the following conditions:  601,393 (57.3%) lightly damaged, 69,551 (6.6%) moderately damaged, 58,269 (5.6%) heavily damaged, and 49,875 (4.8%) totally damaged.

Adequate classroom is one of the requirements for the creation of a comfortable and enjoyable learning environment. Supported by other facilities as well as competent teachers, the quality of teaching learning process can be enhanced. Thus, it has an impact on improving the quality of education in Indonesia.

To support improvement of the quality of education, Tanoto Foundation runs a program called Improving the Quality of Education, or Pelita Pendidikan (Peningkatan Kualitas Pendidikan). This program consists of four components, namely Pelita Guru Mandiri, which aims at improving the competence and capacity of teachers in schools; Pelita Pustaka, which is a program for enhancing the reading interest of children; Pelita ASRI, which aims at helping schools to be safe, healthy, clean and environmentally friendly; as well as Program Pendidikan Anak Usia Dini/PAUD (Early Childhood Education Program), which aims at improving the quality of early childhood education.

“The founders of Tanoto Foundation, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto and Mrs. Tinah Bingei Tanoto, believe that private philanthropy can take part in national efforts to improve the quality of education. This is in line with the 4th Goal of Sustainable Development which is Quality Education, “said Margaretha Ari Widowati, Deputy Chairman of the Tanoto Foundation Program, in the handover ceremony of school improvement aid from Tanoto Foundation to the Government of Kabupaten Kepulauan Meranti, in Pulau Padang, Riau, Tuesday, September 12, 2017.

“As the realization of support from Tanoto Foundation in the effort to provide quality education, we run various activities under Pelita Pendidikan program, such as trainings for teachers for improving their capacity and competence as well as support for improvements of physical facilities, such as renovations of school buildings, classroom repairs, as well as renovations and provisions of toilets and clean water facilities. In their implementation, these Pelita Pendidikan programs collaborate with the local government Education Office and Technical Implementation Unit (UPTD), “added Margaretha Ari Widowati.

Assistance for the repair of school physical facilities in Pulau Padang is part of the Pelita ASRI program run in Tanoto Foundation’s partner schools. In this handover ceremony, there are four schools that have received support for improvement, namely SDS Mekar Delima, Desa Mekar Delima, Kecamatan Tasik Putri Puyu, which has received support for classroom repairs, SDN 018 Putri Puyu; SDN 010 Putri Puyu and SDN 015 Tanjung Padang, which have received assistance for the construction and renovation of toilets as well as clean water facilities. This support is a result of the cooperation of Tanoto Foundation with one of its corporate partners, namely PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper.

In addition to the education facility improvement program, Tanoto Foundation also runs other programs in Pulau Padang, including teacher training for enhancing the teachers’ competence and capacity, teacher training in managing small libraries in schools, managerial training for principals, training on healthy school, and donation of books for school library collections.

Overall, Pelita Pendidikan program has partnered with 518 schools in Riau, Jambi, North Sumatra, and DKI Jakarta Provinces. The impact of this program has been felt by more than 5,100 teachers and 43,000 students.

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