Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Tanoto Foundation Supports Development of Outstanding Students’ Potentials in Indonesia

Jambi, 21 September 2016 – Tanoto Foundation continues to realize its commitment in supporting the education sector in Indonesia.  Support to the education sector is realized through two activities, namely increase in access to education and improvement in education quality.  With regard increase in access to education, Tanoto Foundation provides various scholarship programs for school and university students, who have high achievement but experience economic constraint.

On 21 September 2016, at Jambi University Rectorate Building, Tanoto Foundation held the signing of scholarship awards with the scholarship recipients of Jambi University bachelor’s degree programs.  For the period of 2016/2017, 15 students have passed the selection to become Tanoto Foundation’s scholarship recipients or Tanoto Scholars.

“We welcome Tanoto Foundation’s scholarship program at Jambi University.  With scholarships from Tanoto Foundation, many more students have the opportunity to step up their achievements and capacities.  With respect to the scholarship recipients, we hope they become agents of change for the better future of Indonesia,” said Jambi University’s 3rd Vice Rector in charge of Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Aziz, M.Si.

For the period of 2016/2017, Tanoto Foundation has awarded in total 275 scholarships to S1 (Bachelor’s Degree) and S2 (Master’s Degree) students under National Champion Scholarship (NCS) program and 15 scholarships to S1 students under Regional Champion Scholarship (RCS) program.  The National Champion Scholarship (NCS) program has the goal of educating Indonesia’s future leaders by providing scholarship support to students in 12 state higher education institutions which are partners of Tanoto Foundation.

Meanwhile, the Regional Champion Scholarship (RCS) program has the goal of educating candidate leaders from rural areas, who have the commitment to develop their areas.  Up to the present, Tanoto Foundation has supported more than 2,700 students under the NCS and RCS programs as well as has undertaken partnerships with 35 state as well as private universities in Indonesia.

In addition to receiving supports for tuition cost and allowance, Tanoto Scholars also receive training on soft skill capacity development, for example on leadership and communication capacities.  In addition, they are also supported in the establishment of Tanoto Scholars Association and participate in various social events in their surrounding areas.

“I am proud to have been accepted as a Tanoto Scholar.  Scholarship support from Tanoto Foundation has given me stronger drive to improve my academic achievement.  In addition, support from various trainings from Tanoto Foundation will assist me in achieving my dream to become an entrepreneur such as Mr. Sukanto Tanoto,” said Tiffany, a Tanoto Scholar from the Jambi University’s Faculty of Economy and Business.


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