Thursday, 11 January 2018

Scholarships? Let’s Get Tanoto Foundation’s!

The Tanoto Foundation’s National Champion Scholarship program for 2018 admission year is reopened. As in previous years, it is estimated that applicants will overwhelm the official Tanoto Foundation Website. It is a fact that, starting in 2017, the Tanoto Foundation scholarship registration is only processed through the official Website at

Tanoto Foundation has become one of the largest scholarship beneficiaries in Indonesia. In partnership with 35 universities, both public and private, to date it has awarded scholarships to more than 2,900 undergraduate (S1) and postgraduate (S2) students.

Every Tanoto Foundation scholarship recipient, otherwise known as Tanoto Scholars, receives supports for tuition fees and pocket money. Aside from that, various trainings for the improvement of soft skill are provided to Tanoto Scholars on a regular basis, including public speaking, blogging, presentation techniques in English, and the capacity to lead and work together in teams.

Tanoto Scholars are also encouraged to carry out social activities as a form of pay-it-forward benefits received from Tanoto Foundation to the community. Through the Tanoto Scholars Association, they design and carry out social activities in their respective areas. All these activities have the support of Tanoto Foundation.

The most anticipated event is the annual Tanoto Scholars Gathering (TSG) event. This activity brings together Tanoto Scholars from all over Indonesia. In TSG, Tanoto Scholars can build a network of friends and learn from one another in their midst. There are also several exciting activities, including talk shows from national figures, soft skill training, industry visits to Royal Golden Eagle Group companies, as well as various games in the outbound session.

To be accepted as Tanoto Scholars, there are three stages applicants must undergo, namely verification of administrative documents, psycho test, and the last is interview test. The results of each stage will be announced officially on the Tanoto Foundation website.

Abraham Madison Manurung, a Tanoto Scholar from Institut Pertanian Bogor (Bogor Agricultural Institute) gives little tips for passing the selection. “First, read the information from the Website thoroughly so that no requirements are missed. Second, do not be bashful to ask other Tanoto Scholars at your campus to get a picture of the selection process. And do not be a deadliner, or register at the last moment, because usually we make a lot of mistakes when we have to hurry to register at the end of the deadline, “said Abraham.

“Before you decide to join and get a scholarship from Tanoto Foundation, you must first understand the values that are the main principles at Tanoto Foundation,” said Agata Ayu Gita, a Tanoto Scholar from University of Indonesia.

Want to be part of Tanoto Scholars big family? Come on, sign up soon.

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