Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tanoto Foundation Encourages Teachers to be Facilitators

Written by Kartika Isnaini, Teacher of SDN 173/V Tanjung Benanak and Jazuli, Tanoto Foundation Jambi

My name is Kartika Isnaini. My students usually call me Ibu Tika. I have been teaching at SDN 173/V Tanjung Benanak, Jambi since I graduated from high school in 2009.

At that time, I had the dream to continue my education to university level. However, my financial condition at the time did not permit me to do so. I was only able to achieve this dream with support of the Tanoto Foundation Teachers Scholarship Program. I was selected because my school is a partner school of Tanoto Foundation and I implement the training of Tanoto Foundation in my school.

In addition to getting the scholarship, I am actively involved in different Tanoto Foundation training sessions, particularly the one to encourage schools to have and manage their own library. Because of my continuous involvement in the process, the school asked me to manage our library.

Also, because of the support of Tanoto Foundation, I became the third winner in the District Library and Library Management Competition in 2013. I am really proud to achieve this.

In 2014, along with several colleagues, I was selected to take part in Tanoto Foundation’s Training of Trainers for schools library program in 2014. This training aimed to select teachers as facilitators to support library management and reading activities at schools. I was also fortunate enough to be the best participant of this Training of Trainers and appointed by Tanoto Foundation to be the facilitator for schools at sub district and district levels.

In addition to all these achievements, I am truly happy to share my knowledge and experience in simple yet effective methods of library management with other teachers. Most importantly, with this knowledge and skills that I obtain from Tanoto Foundation, I can encourage more students to love reading and use books sources of knowledge and information.

Thank you, Tanoto Foundation!

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