Thursday, 11 July 2019

Tanoto Foundation Contributes to Early Childhood Development by Supporting RPTRA Festival

Early childhood education and development is a valuable investment for the future of a country. A nation of children who are ready to receive knowledge that will improve their quality of life leads to a nation of quality human resources who will undoubtedly contribute significantly to the development of the country.

Posted by Tanoto Foundation on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Taking this into account, Tanoto Foundation supports human capital development in Indonesia through its SIGAP program. SIGAP contributes to providing holistic care for children from an early age, including the development of their linguistic and cognitive abilities, as well as their socio-emotional and mental health.

One aspect of child development is kinesthetic intelligence. According to Howard Gardner, a psychologist and researcher in child education and intelligence from Harvard University, kinesthetic intelligence is a child’s ability to process information easily through hand and body movement, control and expression.

Developing this kinesthetic intelligence requires regular stimulation. Kinesthetic stimulation plays an important role in developing the overall potential of children’s intelligence levels, as the response shown by the child in moving the muscles of their body is the result of orders received from the central nervous system (brain).

Posted by Tanoto Foundation on Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Among activities which contribute to kinesthetic stimulation in children are dancing, which trains their physical balance, muscle strength and flexibility. Another advantage of dancing is it builds up a child’s confidence and courage in performing and competing.

As part of its ongoing commitment to help develop children’s intelligence, Tanoto Foundation is currently supporting the Gebyar RPTRA (Integrated Child Friendly Public Space) Festival in Jakarta.

Hosted by the Jakarta government office, the RPTRA Festival aims to gather all RPTRAs in Jakarta, and comprises various children’s competitions including dancing, colouring, LEGO building, and futsal events.

At the moment, Tanoto Foundation currently works with two RPTRA partners in Jakarta, namely Akasia and Bahari in South Jakarta.


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