Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Tanoto Foundation collaborates with universities to foster good teaching practices

Teachers are key to the success of the teaching and learning process – the more qualified a teacher is, the greater the impact on a student.

Tanoto Foundation collaborates with educators across a range of teaching levels, including professors at universities, in achieving its goal of supporting the improvement of teacher quality and its subsequent impact on students, in Indonesia.

Sebelas Maret University (UNS) Surakarta is one of Tanoto Foundation’s partner universities.

“Through our collaboration, we assist teachers at our university to anticipate future changes within the field of education,” said Prof. Dr. Ravik Karsidi, Chancellor of UNS Surakarta.

One of the main things that Tanoto Foundation aims to do, in collaborating with its partner universities, is to strengthen the role of the Institute of Education and Education Personnel (LPTK) centres found in Indonesia.

LPTK are educational institution or educational department with the aim of transforming teacher candidates into professional educators.
“Tanoto Foundation’s strategy to improve teacher quality is to integrate theory and practice, and increase the use of these practices in both the LPTKs as well as their partner schools,” shared Stuart Weston, Director of the Pelita Pendidikan Program at Tanoto Foundation.

Understand the best teaching practices
Professional teachers should understand the best practices in the teaching and learning process. The teacher must understand that teaching and learning is a two-way process between teacher and student – not just from teacher to student. Teachers in Tanoto Foundation partner schools practice the best teaching models such as getting students to learn while playing, and also learning outside the classroom. This model makes students feel more comfortable and better understand the lessons.

Creatively improve student literacy
Teacher dedication is not limited to just delivering lessons in the classroom. A teacher must also be able to encourage students to carry out independent study outside the school. Several teachers at the Tanoto Foundation partner schools have succeeded in increasing student literacy in creative ways such as through the introduction of storytelling sessions in school and the creation of ‘reading corners’ in the classroom as well as outside it.

Communicate with parents
The ability to communicate with parents is an important skill that teachers must have. Teachers should help convince parents to care about their children’s development as well as school conditions. Teachers at Tanoto Foundation partner schools are encouraged to involve parents and communities in collectively playing an active role in the development and improvement in quality of schools.

Able to recognize the potential and motivate students
A teacher’s role can be similar to a football coach in that the teacher must be able to recognize the unique talents of all students. A student should be able to approach the teacher to gain an overview about their strengths, and focus on the most suitable field of study in line with these strengths. Teachers must also be able to motivate their students in order to realize their full potential.

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