Monday, 30 November 2015

Strengthening Teachers’ Passion at Batubara District, North Sumatra

Teachers creating and showing students how to use simple learning tools.

Having been separated from District of Asahan in North Sumatra, the area of Batubara became a new district in the province. After the inauguration of Batubara District Government on June 15, 2007, the District started to further develop its many sectors, including education.

To commemorate the 70th National Teachers Day, Batubara District Education Office, supported by Tanoto Foundation, held different activities which aimed to strengthen teachers’ motivation and strengthen in carrying out effective teaching and learning process in class rooms. One of the activities that attracted a great deal of attention from the event’s participants was a competition on how to create simple learning tools.

The response of teachers from surrounding areas was positive. A total of 78 teachers from seven sub districts participated in the competition. Ten teachers were then selected to carry out peer teaching by showing how the tools would be used in front of students. Candidates were judged on creativity, mastery of knowledge, and techniques of presentation. As a result of this process, three winners were selected.

“This competition reawakened the teachers’ motivation to develop learning tools that were easy to make from materials easily found in their surroundings,” said Riyadi, Head of Basic Education Division of Batubara District Education Office.

Riyadi also added that teachers would be at the first line of the efforts to improve our education. “So, if we would like to improve our education system, we would need to improve our teachers first. For that, I am appreciative of Tanoto Foundation’s support in improving capacity and competency of teachers in Batubara District.”
The competition’s participants were also happy to take part in this activity. Many of them hoped that similar competitions would be held regularly. “For us, winning was not our goal. Here, we could see how other teachers creatively develop their own teaching and learning kits,” said Mahpizah, teacher of SDN 010156 Sei Muka.

Hendra Gunawan, teacher of SDN 010150 Petatar also responded positively to this competition. “This type of activity strengthened my motivation to keep looking for different ideas to support the teaching and learning process in my class room,” he said.

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