Friday, 25 September 2015

Love Not At First Sight (Part 2)

Tri Harjanti engaged students in effective yet enjoyable learning process.

Her questions about the children’s education started to be answered when the Government of Indonesia built a school in 1998 in the area. The school was inaugurated as SDN 201/VII Pinang Belai and Tri became one of its teachers.

To support Tri’s new occupation, she obtained a scholarship from Transmigration Ministry and was enrolled at Faculty of Teaching and Teaching Science at Universitas Jambi.

In 2010, Tanoto Foundation started its programs to improve the quality of education in Tebo District. SDN 201/VII Pinang Belai also became one of the Foundation’s school partners. As part of the collaboration, Tanoto Foundation trained the teachers of the supported schools in different topics such as how to deliver teaching and learning process in ways that were effective yet engaging for the students.

“If I had learned the active, innovative, creative, effective, and enjoyable ways of teaching before, I would have implemented it from a long time ago. With this methodology, I enjoy teaching the students more. I also believe that the students enjoy the learning process more too,” said Tri.

Obtaining such new knowledge infused Tri with new energy. Realizing the values of the training, she always tries to attend Tanoto Foundation other training session, even though that may mean she has to travel long distance to areas that could be difficult to reach.

“One time, I had to walk for about five kilometers to attend a Tanoto Foundation training,” said Tri. The road condition was really bad. Because of the tough condition, our car also broke down. I had to continue the travel on foot. However, I did not see these conditions as challenges. If I have to walk long distance, as long as I could take part in the training, I gladly would do it.”

Tri also became the local facilitator of Tanoto Foundation school quality improvement programs. “By being a facilitator, I have a better understanding regarding the needs of my colleagues on the field. I try to support them with knowledge and skills that I obtained from Tanoto Foundation.”

Her passion for the education sector is continuously strengthened. Her eagerness to be more well-versed in education does not stop at her involvement with the school. After obtaining her undergraduate degree from Open University in 2010, she plans to obtain her post graduated degree. She also plans to continue living in Tebo with her family and spread her knowledge to more teachers and students in the region.

Editor’s Note: The article above is the continuation of Tri Harjanti’s story as a teacher in one of Tanoto Foundation’s partner schools in Jambi. The first part of the story appeared on this website on September 19, 2015.

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