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Jadi Teladan #1: The Skills You Need to Be A Global Citizen

Welcome to Jadi TELADAN, the new show from Tanoto Foundation that aims to give young Indonesians the skills and inspiration you need to become a future leader. In our first episode, we’re talking about what it means to be a global citizen.

Join our host Robinson (author of ‘Impian Besar Orang Kecil’) along with Fenny Chandra (TELADAN Experiential Lead Program, Tanoto Foundation) and Rahayu Saraswati (Chairman of the Parinama Astha Foundation) to learn what it means to be a global citizen, and how you can learn the skills you need to succeed in a globalised, multicultural world.

This episode covers:

a. Global Citizen? What is it and why you need to know

b. The characteristic of a Global Citizen

c. How to raise your awareness of the world’s problems

d. How to change your mindset and have a wider global perspective ‘Local Youth, Global Perspective’

e. Things you need to know to improve your abilities

f. Tips and tricks on how to harness your talent


‘Global Citizen’ – why does it matter?

A global citizen is someone who takes an active role in both their local community and the international community to succeed – whether it’s in education, in business, or in making the world a more sustainable place.

The opportunities our fast-changing ‘globalised’ world offers young people are enormous. But so too are the challenges. Young Indonesians need an education that equips them with the knowledge, skills and values they need in order to embrace the opportunities and challenges they encounter and to create the kind of world that they want to live in. 


How to be a Global Talent

Tanoto Foundation’s TELADAN is a scholarship and training program designed to equip the next generation of Indonesia’s leaders with the skills they need to make a meaningful contribution to the places in which they live and work.

To become a future leader, each individual needs to have these nine traits:

– Self-awareness: conscious knowledge of one’s own character and feelings

– Drive: be passionate, focused on learning and competitive.

– Integrity: being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values

– Grit: able to persist in something they feel passionate about and persevere when facing obstacle

– Innovative: Actively seek out opportunities

– Continuous Learning: the practices the individual carries out daily in order to continue increasing knowledge

– Caring for Others: Able to understand different perspectives and needs, and work at being socially sensitive, considerate, and perceptive.

– Empowering Others: bringing energy and enthusiasm

– Entrepreneurial Spirit: Actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to adapt to change

These traits are essential if young Indonesians are to compete in a globalized world, Fenny explained. That’s why, in TELADAN, the first step of our leadership development program is called Lead Self. It’s about how we lead ourselves that we have to know our purposes, what our weaknesses are, what is our strength, and what issues that we’re passionate about. If we want to champion, come up with a solution.

Get to know more: https://bitly.com/JadiTeladanGlobalCitizen


Video Transcript

Hello, T-Friends, wherever you are! I’m Robinson Sinurat. Just call me Robin. I’m here to host the Jadi Teladan program. This show is recorded by following the health protocols, keeping the physical distance.

This talkshow is a light and fun talk about leadership, training, and soft skills, which will broaden the younger generation’s insights.

In the talk show, we will discuss global citizen.

In this first talk show, there will be two extraordinary speakers.

First, she is an Indonesian actress, politician, and activist fighting for the anti-human trafficking movement.

Now, we call our first extraordinary speaker, Rahayu Saraswati, who we often call Sarah.


Thank you.




I don’t know if they applauded or not.


The second speaker, T-Friends, is also very extraordinary. Here we present you with the second great speaker, Fenny Chandra.


How are you, Sarah and Fenny?


Great, thank you.


Throughout the Covid pandemic, the most important thing is to keep our spirit and maintain our health, right?


That’s right.


“The first question is for Fenny. What is a global citizen?”


The global citizen, it may sound fantastic. Global citizen is a concept that a lot of our friends must know already. The global citizen is an individual who puts his identity as a world citizen above the communal identity, such as national identity, ethnic identity, race, religion, and others. As technology is getting faster, numerous social issues affect all countries quickly. Safe to say that borders are now limitless.


Then, how do we participate in becoming a global citizens?


Indeed we have concerns about specific global issues. For example, we have concerns about waste management or gender equality. It’s relevant everywhere. So starting from there, understand what contribution we can make to this issue and increase our awareness for ourselves and our environment. From there, we can take part and have a global perspective.


Sorry, I’d like to add some more to what Ms. Fenny said about the definition of a global citizen. I won’t know it’s wrong, but I can’t entirely agree about positioning ourselves as a global society above matters related to groups or localities. I disagree because global citizen doesn’t mean we forget our nationalism. It doesn’t mean that we put ourselves above our responsibilities and our rights as national citizens because of global citizen. If we say citizens, we’re part of a nation. Especially yesterday, as the head of the delegation at Y20, I was discussing the priority area of global citizen. We agreed, across the board from Y20 from G20 countries, representatives of young people from G20 countries, that we are citizens of a country where we obey and understand our love for our respective homeland. But we are also aware and have awareness. The keyword here is awareness.




We have awareness about global issues as national citizens and global citizens. And in this world, the earth is the only place we live in, we better focus on protecting the place where we live now, the earth. So, it shows that we have awareness as global citizens.


Sarah, what provisions should the young generation have to be a global talent?


Of course, we must try to master six literacy.


How about that?


When we talk about six literacy, it’s not only about reading, writing, and calculating. It’s not reading when we don’t comprehend it. You can be literate in words, a b c d e, literate numerically when 1 + 1 is 2. But if you don’t comprehend the materials, you should seek more sources to be more literate. Some of the things that we must have are digital literacy and financial literacy. Moreover, now we have entered the 4.0 industrial revolution, soon to 5.0 with artificial intelligence. If we are Global Citizens with nationalism, like it or not, we must be dealing with something called protectionism versus globalization.

Speaking about becoming a Global Talent, let’s not hurry to talk about the global level. Mainly, please talk about the context in our community first. It’s what I’d like to remind T-Friends that, frequently, we set our dreams as high as the sky. And that’s a good thing; it’s not a bad thing. But don’t forget that every goal should start from a little step to make it come true. For example, I went through a selection process to choose the Y20 delegates this year. And I knew it wouldn’t be easy. There were only three delegates chosen despite dozens of applicants. But often, the young generations expect everything to be expressed. They want to be the best but forget about the process. You have to start small. Everyone who is ready. Don’t forget that the best inventors in the world, even all of the millionaires in this world, billionaires, trillionaires, have been through the darkest time. They have been through failures. Thomas Edison wasn’t successful the first time he tried something.




It needs more than one failure to be successful. So, my biggest advice that I can share is to see your greatness. Talents can be developed. Maybe you’re not good at something, and it doesn’t mean that you don’t have talent. You can grow it by following your passion, with who you are. That’s the right start that will bring you to the right place.


What are the preparations that T-Friends should have during their university life? Because many of them ask about college but do nothing afterward, what do you think, Fenny?


It’s right what Sarah said. Know yourself, know your potential, what the things we like to do, our passion, that’s about understanding our self-focus. That’s why, in Teladan, the first step of our leadership development program is called Lead Self. It’s about how we lead ourselves, that we have to know our purposes, what our weaknesses are, what is our strength, and what issues that we’re passionate about. If we want to champion, come up with a solution. So, please don’t be selfish during your college life, so you don’t want to go through the process in college, through organizations, or in society because it’s not a global citizen when we don’t take care of our backyard.




That’s what I like a lot, that’s right! Don’t ever become selfish and want to finish something quickly, but then we didn’t immerse ourselves in the experience, and for T-Friends who are still in college, please, it’s okay to take your time. And it’s not going to come back. Some experiences are once in a lifetime.


It’s not a race, right.


It’s not a race. And to be honest, talking about experiential learning, I’m doing a developed learning program and going back to college. And you know what? Today, online learning is so cool because we can understand each other because during the old college method, physically, all we did was sit in the class, listen, and go home. We didn’t get to know each other in the class. One of the biggest things that will help you more than your knowledge is your network.




If you have a large network, you are rich in that. If you don’t take the time to know each other, immerse yourself in existing communities; since I got involved in some communities from the clubs that I joined, you can’t move as fast as those with better networks.


To be a global talent, Sarah, is it necessary to study abroad?




Many asked whether they should go aboard or not.




This pandemic has taught us about the democratization of learning. Learning can be everywhere, anytime. And some paid courses are free now!


So, to be a global talent, global citizen, we have to know your place in the world, how you can contribute, and you have the eagerness to learn and have the willingness to seek out an opportunity because it’s always there.


I can say because I’m part of the selection board in (..) for Y20 delegates. What we searched for were the people with not only global perspectives but also who know what is currently happening. If you have been to so many places, have great global perspectives, but don’t understand your own backyard’s realities, it can be seen as negative.


What’s the good of your high education when you only use it for yourself?




So, no, you don’t have to go abroad. But many international institutions provide online learning with overseas lecturers that you can still access. I don’t have to go to the US to enroll in a university there. Join online learning but even get the knowledge, and many of them are for free.


Yale gives free online learning, Harvard, Cambridge, all you need to do is search.


Alright! We have learned and listened to Fenny and Sarah’s many wonderful experiences and valuable insights for T-Friends.


So, T-Friends, it’s essential to know yourself first before doing anything for other people. And then to have the awareness to care for others and always be honest, that’s very important. Being true to yourself is important.


Everyone can be a leader. No matter what’s your background. We have the same opportunity to be future leaders.


Let’s keep maintaining our health and keep up the spirit to achieve our dreams. Hopefully, the lesson that we learned today can help make us better and be the future leaders of Indonesia.


Thank you, everyone, see you later, T-Friends!


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