Friday, 26 August 2016

Independence Day and Tanoto Foundation

For Tanoto Foundation, this year’s commemoration of Indonesia’s Independence Day was one of the fitting moments to highlight the organization’s effort to prepare the country’s youths to become future leaders.

To date, Tanoto Foundation has provided more than 6,600 scholarships to school and university students in Indonesia. As part of its effort to empower the recipients of Tanoto Foundation scholarships or Tanoto Scholars, the Foundation has been carrying out routine activities such as Tanoto Scholars Gathering. During this yearly event, Tanoto Scholars from partner universities meet and have the opportunity to improve skills such as leadership, team work, and public speaking.

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This year, Tanoto Scholars Gathering took place in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau from August 16 to 19, 2016. “We do not only provide financial support, but we also support Indonesia’s young generation to become leaders who will usher the country to the future.  We also believe that learning from proven and successful figures can be beneficial for them,” said Anderson Tanoto, member of the Tanoto Foundation’s Board of Trustees during the Gathering.

For example, one of the principles that Mr. Sukanto Tanoto taught to his family is the great desire for learning.  “In my father’s time in the past, learning required greater efforts due to limitation of facilities.  However, at present, when information can be accessed easily, what is required is a high motivation.  How much you are able to learn depends on how big is your desire to learn,” continued Anderson Tanoto.

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Anderson Tanoto added that Tanoto Scholars should also have the motivation for continuous learning.  “We should always be hungry for learning.  Sukanto Tanoto once said that the day you stop to learn is the day of your demise,” said Anderson.

In addition to understanding the importance of learning, Sukanto Tanoto also applies leadership values, in which we should be able to first lead ourselves properly before leading other people in our immediate surrounding and, subsequently, larger environment.

It is hoped that the values existing within Sukanto Tanoto’s family could inspire Tanoto Scholars in living their lives.  When implemented fully, the spirits of learning and leadership in the real world can support Tanoto Scholars to become competent, excellent, and insightful leaders of Indonesia.

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