Friday, 17 April 2015

Improving Education Quality by Building Teachers Capacity

Enthusiastic and energetic atmosphere colored the teacher quality improvement training in Jambi. The training was facilitated by Tanoto Foundation. The teachers were divided in groups and received training material on effective classroom management. They enjoyed the training as the materials were delivered in fun and interactive ways such as activities that were similar to snakes and ladders game.

Using approaches that were similar to games encouraged participants to actively voice their opinions and work together as teams. Each team carried out problem solving activities and shared experience about what they did to improve the learning process in their schools. Each team member got a turn, following the steps on the tracks of snakes and ladders game.

This training was part of the effort to improve the quality of education in Tanoto Foundation’s partner schools in Jambi. The participants of the training were grouped together based on their clusters of locations. Cluster 1 training participants included teachers from schools from Kebun Muara Bulian and Kebun Taman Raja. Meanwhile, Cluster 2 participants were from Kebun Tungkal Ulu and Kebun Bungo Tebo, Jambi. They then would disseminate the newly learned knowledge in their schools.

According Fitria, Training Specialist of Tanoto Foundation, this training is very important to determine future programs. “This training plays a strategic role for the schools’ teacher quality improvement programs. After being implemented for five years, we try to evaluate the impact of our work on the effort to increase quality of education in Tanoto Foundation’s school partners,” said Fitria.

Through training such as this, teachers are encouraged to be more skillful and knowledgeable to produce work that is creative and interesting to support the teaching and learning process.

Teachers improvement program by Tanoto Foundation is designed to support teachers to increase their capacity so they can carry out teaching and learning process that is active, creative, innovative and fun. Tanoto Foundation support the schools through training, mentoring, replication of good practices and sharing of knowledge and experience with others.

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