Thursday, 18 July 2019

Collaboration with Asia Philanthropy Circle to Provide Guidance on Improving the Quality of Education

Tanoto Foundation  with APC initiated the publication of the Education Giving Guide for Indonesia in 2017. This guide has been developed based on a study supported by McKinsey & Company and AlphaBeta under the title of Productive Livelihood Catalysis: Educational Intervention Guidelines Through the Accelerated Track for Large-Scale and Maximum Impact. This report analyses Indonesia’s education landscape, and identifies opportunities for philanthropists to focus their efforts and bring about change for the better.

In order for education philanthropy to have an impact on better education changes in preparing the nation’s productive young generation, there are four areas that need to be focused on. These areas are teacher quality, teacher leadership and school governance, vocational education, as well as early childhood education and development.

According to this book, there are also 10 recommended initiatives that educational philanthropists may undertake to help complete the four focuses of education issues. In regard teacher quality, they can hold champion teacher program, use technology in teacher learning rooms, and activate teacher mentoring forum. A pilot school program, a principal academy, and an Indonesian teacher award program may also be undertaken in an effort to improve school leadership and governance.

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