Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Beautiful School, The Realization of Ibu Sugiarti’s Dream (Part 2)

Sugiarti’s love for her school makes her want to create a specific characteristic for her school. When her students to learn in SDN 008 Air Putih, they should have this specific characteristic.  Because Sugiarti very much cares about the environment, she slowly created the environment caring school program.

To support greening, one of the activities obliges each student to bring one plant to school one plant and each student is responsible for his/her plant.  Like a tit for tat, in 2014, SDN 008 Air Putih received the Pelita ASRI (Safe, Healthy, and Environmentally Friendly) training from Tanoto Foundation.

“I am very happy.  Apparently there is a program that can support my desire.  Not only we were trained, but we were also asked to visit sample schools to see directly what clean and green school practices were.  I still remember our visit to Sekolah Alam Pelalawan then.  We became motivated to implement the training results with the other teachers,” said Sugiarti.

After having participated in those training, the school continued to make improvements.  In addition to greening the environment, Sugiarti created the saving wastes program.  Each student has his/her own wastes account.  Large accounts will enter into a drawing each month to get prizes in the form of learning supplies.

To support more creative learning process, Sugiarti and the other teachers also received the Pelita Guru Mandiri training.  In this training, the teachers are trained to implement learning method that is active, innovative, creative, effective, and joyful, by utilizing learning media available in the surrounding areas.

“Due to the Pelita Guru Mandiri training, we are already applying out of the ordinary learning pattern.  The students no longer sit in rows while the teacher makes speeches in the front of the class.  Now they sit in groups and actively move around for discussion,” explained Sugiarti.

Because of the hard work of Sugiarti and the other teachers, SDN 008 Air Putih has now pocketed A accreditation.  School facilities have also become better as adequate number of classrooms, a small library and also toilets are now available.  Now Sugiarti is reaping the realization of her dream of making her school become beautiful, shady, clean, and green for the purpose of supporting better education environment in her village.

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