Friday, 22 May 2015

Achieving a Dream as a Communicator

Kasyfil Syakirin was bon on September 9, 1994. As the eldest child, Kasyfil’s family has high hopes for him. His father gave a great deal of attention to Kasyfil’s education. One of his father’s dreams was for Kasyfil to get his university education from outside Indonesia.

Teachers at Kasyfil school started to notice his excellent grades when he was in Junior High School. He was also actively involved in different schools activities and was selected as the school’s organization president. However, two weeks before his final examination, his father passed away. Kasyfil was deeply saddened by his passing. Instead of studying, he spent most of his time thinking and reflecting. Eventually, he remembered that his father always wanted him to maintain his performance in school. Kasyfil tried very hard to get out of his sadness and focused on his study. Although he had limited time to study for his examinations, he used his time well. At the end, this hard work paid off. Kasyfil was not only able to maintain his academic achievement but he improved his grades significantly.

In high school, Kasyfil maintained his high grades and busy schedule as the school’s organization president. He established a forum for other schools’ organizations and even became a leader of that forum.

However, Kasyfil still wanted to pursue his passion as a communicator. Because of his interest in public speaking and broadcasting, he was often asked to become master of ceremony in different events. He even won a second prize in a national level MC competition.

This interest also played an important role in his decision to continue his higher education in the Communications Department of University of Indonesia Politics and Social Science Faculty. Kasyfil continues to study hard because he does not want to disappoint his family. The proof of his hard work could be seen from his high GPA, always in the top three among his peers’.  This academic achievement also opened his opportunity to become a recipient of Tanoto Foundation Scholarship.

As a Tanoto Scholar, Kasyfil learned one important value of Tanoto Foundation. Although he faces challenges, he should not give up without any fight. He learned this spirit from the founder of Tanoto Foundation, Bapak Sukanto Tanoto. Although Bapak Sukanto Tanoto had to leave school to support his family, he did not deter this obstacle to dampen his spirit. Bapak Sukanto Tanoto continued to study on his own from different sources.

Kasyfil is interested to pursue a career in broadcasting. He diligently took part in several presenter casting sessions in several TV stations. And now, he is assigned to work as a presenter in an English Speaking TV station in Jakarta.

However, Kasyfil is not satisfied with this achievement. He still has the dream to work as a public relations person in a multi national company. Kasyfil also wants to achieve the dream that his father had for him; to be educated outside of Indonesia. His dream is to go to the United States to learn more about public relations.

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