Wednesday, 6 June 2018

5 Creative Ways to Make Children Love to Read

Reading is the key in learning activities, and as such parents should introduce it to the children at an early age. Nowadays, access to reading materials has become easier, however, it does not mean that developing children’s reading interest has become easier. The availability of gadgets can be a factor inhibiting the triggering of reading interest in children.

Faced with this phenomenon, parents should not give up but must have creative ways to keep children’s interest in reading continue to grow. How to do it? Pay attention to the five tips mentioned below so that children yet love to read amid various interferences from communication and information devices.

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Membaca adalah kunci dalam kegiatan pembelajaran, karena itu orangtua harus memperkenalkannya sejak dini. Saat ini, akses untuk mendapatkan bahan bacaan pun menjadi lebih mudah, tapi bukan berarti menumbuhkan minat baca anak semakin mudah. Hadirnya gadget bisa menjadi faktor penghambat munculnya minat baca pada anak-anak. Menghadapi fenomena seperti ini, orangtua tak boleh menyerah dan harus punya cara kreatif agar minat baca anak tetap tumbuh. Ikuti 5 cara ini untuk menumbuhkan minat baca anak. Klik link di bio kami untuk info secara lengkap  #membaca #literacy #literasi #minatbaca #gerakanliterasinasional #instaeducation #instaschool #instacollege #education #school #college #life #health #knowledge #philanthropy #humanity #love #people #student #indonesia #pendidikan #tanotoscolars #tips

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1. Utilizing multimedia content
One should not be against the contents of multimedia such as videos. Such contents can actually be used as the media to bring children closer to the reading materials. There are many video clips that teach children how to read.
There are also game apps on smartphones to introduce letters and readings. Children will like them and this can be a first step to introduce reading to children.

2. Read and watch movies
There are many children story books that have been adopted into films, especially animation. Invite the children to combine these two media. First, give them a children story book and ask them to read and tell the contents of the book. When they have finished reading the book, you can give reward them by allowing them to watch a movie adaptation of the book.

3. Take the children to a library
This may sound conventional and ordinary. But, if you know the latest library facilities available, a visit to a library can really foster the children’s interest in reading. The National Library, for example, provides a child reading room, a room for multimedia and internet, a mini theater, and a room where the children can choose books freely. Such facilities have been widely adopted by the regional libraries.

4. Provide a book corner in a child’s bedroom
The saying ” alah bisa karena biasa (God is able because He is used to doing it)” also applies in the reading habit. When a child is used to seeing books around him, there is a big chance that s(he) will love reading books. Create a reading corner in his bedroom using a shelf and an interesting design, for example, a picture of the child’s favorite superhero. Provide the best children books at that reading corner.

5. Be a role model parent
Children are the best imitators. When parents diligently read books, there is a chance that the children will follow the habit of their parents. Just providing books to children is not enough. Occasionally, you as a parent should read a story book to the child and on another occasion ask the child to read the story to you to measure the child’s reading ability. This effort will foster the child’s love of reading activities.

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