Wednesday, 20 February 2019

2019 TELADAN program begins with leadership development training session

Participants of Tanoto Foundation’s 2019 TELADAN program have started the first of the series of leadership development training sessions which they will be attending this year.

TELADAN (Teaching Leadership, Advancing the Nations) is a program initiated by Tanoto Foundation to support Indonesia’s younger generation to become future leaders who will have positive impact on their environment.

The 2019 TELADAN participants attended their first basic leadership training on February 17 to 27 in Bogor, West Java. The training was facilitated by Aethra Learning Center.

As part of their training to become leaders in their wider community, the Tanoto Scholars learned about self-management, how to recognise their strengths and develop them. The scholars also learned about teamwork and effective communication, financial planning and the significance of setting personal goals.

“Tanoto Scholars should aspire towards becoming leaders. The purpose of life is greater than life itself. With this training, we hope that Tanoto Scholars will set life goals to become capable and responsible future leaders,” said Satrijo Tanudjojo, CEO of Global Tanoto Foundation.

Tanoto Scholars are encouraged to adopt values practiced by the founders of Tanoto Foundation, Sukanto Tanoto and Tinah Bingei Tanoto, including hard work, lifelong learning, and care for their community.

“From this training, I was able to recognise positive things about myself. I was also able to establish networks with my fellow Tanoto Scholars from all over Indonesia,” said Michael Hutahaean, Tanoto Scholar from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Gracella Jovita, another scholar from the University of Indonesia, said the training provided guidance on the skills she should develop to become a potential leader.

Another scholar, Moudy Alveria Paramitha of Andalas University, also expressed pleasure at participating in the training.

“Not only did I receive leadership training in a fun way, I have a better understanding now of the skills and values we should master to become a leader,” she said.

After their first year in TELADAN, the participants will receive personal development training in their second year, career development and global insights in their third year, and training in personal branding in their fourth year.

Tanoto Foundation will also extend career and leadership support to TELADAN participants after they graduate university.

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Crouise glenn - January 17, 2020

Hi tanoto, I'm crouise glenn (C34190082) from IPB university registering for this TELADAN scholarship. I've reached the fourth step and is still waiting for the outcome of my application, i do hope TANOTO gets my email right spelled, it is