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After retiring from teaching at the local primary school, Haji Zamhur or best known as Pak Haji joined the SME Development Program in 2001. At that time, as part of its community development program, APRIL decided to outsource the pallet-making process and invited local entrepreneurs to participate in the program.

Pak Haji, who happened to own a small woodworking workshop, responded to the opportunity and successfully passed the selection process.

Pak Haji was trained how to produce pallets that met APRIL’s stringent specifications. APRIL also provided Pak Haji with start up production tools and equipment. He was also trained on business and cash flow management. To ensure that Pak Haji is able to maintain product quality and on time delivery,

APRIL and Tanoto Foundation continue to provide coaching and mentoring.

Today, after 14 years in the business, Pak Haji continues to produce pallets for APRIL. He now runs two workshops at Pangkalan Kerinci and Pekanbaru, both of which will be passed on to his son. Every month, their business generates approximately IDR 20-28 million in revenue, which is a significant improvement from what he made from his previous occupation.

“It is important to maintain your good name. Do not owe money to anyone. With proper training, I feel a sense of empowerment over my business”, advises Pak Haji to those who are planning to participate in the Local SME Development Program.

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