Chapter 1 : Message from Founders

Dear Friends, Back when we were young, due to unfavorable economic circumstances and family responsibility, […]

Chapter 2 : A Center of Excellence in Poverty Alleviation

WHAT WE SET OUT TO ACHIEVE:  THE VISION Tanoto Foundation strives to be a center […]

Chapter 3 : Breaking Poverty Cycle Through Education

Tanoto Foundation Education Program aims to improve access to education and quality of education. In […]

Program pemberdayaan masyarakat Tanoto foundation

Chapter 4 : Empowering the Poor

Tanoto Foundation’s empowerment programs focus on enabling families to have sustainable livelihoods to break out […]

Program peningkatan kualitas Hidup Tanoto Foundation

Chapter 5 : Enhancing Quality of Life

Tanoto Foundation’s enhancement programs aim to enhance communities’ quality of life by improving access to […]

Pendiri Tanoto Foundation Sukanto Tanoto dan Ibu Tinah Bingei Tanoto

Chapter 6 : Developing Asia’s Future Leaders

Tanoto Foundation supports various initiatives across Asia that embody commitment to improving holistic skills, knowledge, […]