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Tanoto Foundation International
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As the Tanoto family expanded its business interests beyond Indonesia , it recognized that the work of the Foundation should also move into the international arena. Today, we are involved in China, Singapore and the USA with all programs being driven by the same vision and guiding principles.


Scholarship and University Partnership Program

Scholarships are provided for undergraduate students studying full-time at universities in Singapore, China and the USA.

In Singapore, our partners are the Nanyang Technological University, National University of Singapore, and Singapore Management University. In China, we work with Beijing University, Fudan University, Southeast University, Tsinghua University, and many more; in the US, we work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and University of Pennsylvania.

Tanoto Foundation International
Sukanto Tanoto Tanoto Foundation International

Innovative School

We build elementary schools in impoverished areas of China (e.g. Tibet) and encourage teachers to localize the curriculum to suit community needs. We also provide books to schools as well as help upgrade school facilities, including funding the construction of university buildings and laboratories in Putian and Suzhou, China,


Funding is provided for diabetes research in Singapore with a Professorship in Metabolism and Endocrinology established at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore. The emphasis is on basic research in the fields of the metabolism, physiology and epidemiology of metabolic and/or endocrine disorders such as diabetes mellitus.

Sukanto Tanoto Tanoto Foundation International

Other Program

In China, we have provided financial assistance for the construction of roads around GuTang town and Gushan village, Jiangxi Province, where transportation difficulties were hindering community interaction and economic development. We have also contributed to disaster relief programs for earthquakes (Jiujiang, 2006 and Wen Chuan, 2008) and floods (Jiangxi Province, 2010) as well as reconstruction efforts following these natural disasters.

Tanoto Foundation assists us to easily and creatively recycled materials from our surrounding and reuse them for learning tools for the children.

Elvidawati, Principal of Sekolah Dasar 004 Bukit Agung, Pelalawan District, Riau. Partner of Tanoto Foundation in Pelita Pendidikan

My interest in research is fully supported by Tanoto Foundation. Through Tanoto Student Research Award, I can now be one step closer to reach my dream as a young researcher from Indonesia.

Muhammad Taufik Hidayat, Student of Engineering Physics, Institute of Technology Bandung

With the scholarship, I am able to continue my education. I am now equipped to understand the children better. As a result, the teaching and learning process has been improved.

Magdalena Sinaga, Tanoto Teacher Scholarship Recipient 2014

After receiving funding from Tanoto Foundation, I don’t need to work until late anymore. I can focus on my study now.

Randy Rentanaka, Recipient of Tanoto Youth Scholarship, SMA Dr. Wahidin Soedirohusodo Medan