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Tanoto Foundation Supports Youth 20 Summit 2015 in Turkey

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Indonesia Delegates in Youth 20 Summit in Turkey.

Written by Kristia Davina Sianipar, Head of Indonesia Delegation for Y20 Summit Turkey 2015

Every year, Group 20 which consists of 20 countries with the biggest economy in the world gathers to discuss global financial issues in G20 Leaders Summit. Since 2010, other groups have also been included in the forum’s activities. In the group that is knows as Youth 20 (Y20,) representatives of the youth are given a platform to voice their opinion on and contribute to policies that impact the global community.

Supported by Tanoto Foundation and other institutions, Indonesia sent four representatives to the Youth 20 Summit 2015 in Turkey. They were Adiska Fardani, Biondi Sanda Sima, Kristia Davina Sianipar, and Rocky Intan.
In the forum that took place from August 16 to 21, 2015, Indonesian delegates participated actively in producing the forum’s communiqué. Indonesia delegates raised many points including a recommendation to improve quality of teachers by, among others, increasing their compensation.

At the beginning, delegates from some developed countries in Europe were not in agreement with this recommendation. However, delegates from South Africa and Brazil believed otherwise. After a long negotiation process and by convincing other countries delegates that improvement of teachers’ quality is universally a crucial matter, the recommendation was accepted by all participating countries. This recommendation is part of the Communiqué which will subsequently be presented in G20 Leaders Summit in November 2015 at Antalya, Turkey.

Tanoto Foundation, through the Tanoto Initiative program, supported the participation of the Indonesian representatives in the Youth 20 Summit 2015 in Turkey. Such participation provides opportunities for the youth of Indonesia to improve their awareness on issues that exist in local and international communities. Furthermore, participation in events such as the Youth 20 Summit 2015 also allows the country’s young generation to contribute to global issues in a prominent global forum.

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