Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Top Waste Management from Pangkalan Kerinci

Now, every Thursday morning is a day that is different at Sekolah Dasar Swasta/SDS (Private Primary School) Global Andalan, Pangkalan Kerinci, Kabupaten Pelalawan, Riau Province. All students bring plastic waste to school on that day. Some carry used mineral water plastic bottles up to used detergent wraps.

The habit of bringing plastic waste on Thursday began in August 2017, when the school started developing a waste bank. When introduced, the students immediately understood how this waste bank system works. They understand the various types of waste that can be dumped into the waste bins and various types of waste that can be sorted and collected.

Not only to make them have the habit of sorting waste at school, the students are also asked to sort out the waste in their houses that will then be brought to school. This exercise is expected to instill the habit of wise waste management in their neighborhoods where they live.

The waste bank in SDS Global Andalan is established after a memorandum of understanding between SDS Global Andalan and Bank Sampah (Waste Bank) Permata Bunda Pangkalan Kerinci has been signed. Bank Sampah Permata Bunda is a vehicle of waste management run by housewives in the neighborhood of Permata Andalan housing complex and surrounding areas. Through their creativity, these women create handicrafts that have economic values by utilizing used materials.

Following the cooperation, teachers and students of SDS Global Andalan attended the waste bank management training held by Bank Sampah Permata Bunda. Now they are able to manage their own waste in the school environment.

Waste at school is collected and recorded for each class. After that, Bank Sampah Permata Bunda will buy the waste collected by the students, calculated for each class.

The proceeds of the waste sales are given to each class to meet their own needs, for example, for the purchase of plants or decorations for the classrooms.

“The presence of the waste bank can change students’ behavior to be more concerned about the environment. The presence of the waste bank is also one of our preparations to become a provincial adiwiyata school in 2018, “said Renawati, fourth grade teacher of SDS Global Andalan.

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