Tuesday, 13 September 2016

The New Library at the Terrace

Written by Siti Faridah, Tanoto Scholar from Institut Pertanian Bogor

For our young brothers and sisters of Kampung Kahuripan, Sukadamai Village, Bogor, books are not something they can easily have. The limited availability of books in their school’s library also makes it more difficult for these children to read, let alone to develop love of books. Because of that, we, the recipients of Tanoto Foundation scholarships or Tanoto Scholars from Institut Pertanian Bogor, felt that we could help these children by establishing a community library.

The library was established after we completed several steps. First, we collected the books, carried out inventory of our collection, were trained in library management technique by Tanoto Foundation, and made sure the facility, although small, was adequate and comfortable enough for our young friends to spend their time in. Because the library is located at one of the villagers’ house terrace, all of us agreed to call it Kahuripan Reading Terrace.

In December 2015, the Reading Terrace was inaugurated. We made sure the area was clean and decorated nicely. Our young friends were happy to help with the preparation as well. During the library launching, we informed the children and community members about the rules of visiting the library. We also reminded them that this library belonged to all so everybody had to help with caring for the books. The inauguration ceremony went well. Community members and the children were happy with this new library.

Encouraging the young children to read and love books is one of our activities at Kampung Kahuripan. Every Saturday, we visit to place and study together with these children. This is how we give back to our community.

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