Scholarship in Singapore

The scholarships provide financial assistance and support to deserving undergraduate students who demonstrate strong leadership and academic excellence, to pursue their education at Singapore Management University (SMU), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and National University of Singapore Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine (NUS YLL SoM).

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Stories From Our Scholars

NTU, 2nd Year Of Humanities and Social Sciences

Vincent Wise

After becoming Tanoto Scholars, i was involved in an overseas community project and in the process was gives the opportunity to mingle with students from other universities from various disciplines.

NUS YLL SOM, 2nd Year Medical Student

Mandy Foong Shi Yun

I am honored to be a scholars and glad that i also have the chance to work with the foundation in pursuing such a good cause

NUS YLL SOM, 3rd Year Medical Student

Goh Wei Sheng

I will repay this forward to people who need it in the future

Project Sukacita

Project Sukacita is a yearly program from Tanoto Scholars in Singapore that provides community service in less privileged segments of Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau. The Project aims to help raise the standard and quality of life of Kerinci residents through a cleaner environment, improved public health awareness and emphasis on early education for local children.

Tanoto Scholars Annual Networking

Tanoto Scholars Annual Networking (TSAN) is an annual event where Tanoto Scholars pursuing undergraduate studies in Singapore in SMU, NTU and NUS YLL SoM come together to meet the Tanoto family, welcome new scholarship recipients and network with one another. At TSAN 2018, the event also saw the official launch of the 16th chapter of the Tanoto Scholars Association in Singapore aimed at forging stronger bonds amongst Tanoto Scholars in Singapore as well as between Singapore and Indonesia.

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