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The Entrepreneur’s Journey: Redefining Success

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Many young people want to become entrepreneurs, but it’s not easy. It takes determination, mental resilience, the right mindset, and of course the right strategy.

In this episode of Bincang Inspiratif from Tanoto Foundation, we’re talking to young entrepreneur Yasa Singgih, who was listed in Forbes Magazine’s Top 30 Under 30 in 2016.

He also won several national and international awards, including National Independent Young Entrepreneur in the category of Creative Student in 2015 and Young Marketeers of The Year in 2016 by Markplus. He played a prominent role in the documentary Film Young Business Leaders from the Ministry of Youth and Sports, and also wrote a book, “Never too Young to Become a Billionaire”, about his experience of starting his business.

In this episode of Bincang Inspiratif by Tanoto Foundation, Yasa Singgih shares his experience with our host, Astrid Tiar.

This episode covers:
– His journey as an entrepreneur
– Yasa’s definition of success
– Tips to succeed in life


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The journey of being an entrepreneur.

Yasa was 15 years old when he started his first business. “I didn’t come from a family of entrepreneurs,” Yasa said. “My father was sick. My brother and I just started a new semester at school. My parents had spent the money for us already. At that point, I realized that I had to be able to finance myself. ”

At a young age, he started to work as a part-timer in his free time, and used the money he earned to start his first business selling decorative lights and t-shirts that he bought at Tanah Abang. The journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur was not easy. The journey was like a rollercoaster, with much trial and error.

Yasa always takes time to learn about the industry that he is involved in. “Every industry is unique and has its advantages and disadvantages,” he said to Astrid.

The key to his success is to “always be humble to learn new things,” Yasa explained. Currently, he is the man behind the fashion brand Men’s Republic, and has just started a skincare business.

Yasa’s definition of success

Everyone has a learning curve, and failure is unavoidable. As the quote from Bill Gates says,”success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” Sometimes, it is hard and even embarrassing to accept failure, but he said we should be willing to admit it sincerely and gracefully as entrepreneurs. Therefore, we can motivate ourselves to improve to avoid the next failure.

The other way to overcome failure is changing one’s perspective about it. Many people are stuck in a victim mode and are not able to think about how to solve their problems. “People should realize their responsibility in a situation. Then they can move on; either the situation controls them or they take control of the situation.”

Tips to succeed in life

During Bincang Inspiratif, Yasa shared a few pieces of wisdom for anyone who wants to be successful and an entrepreneur.

Everyone has a different momentum. Do things to express yourself and not to impress others.

Trust takes time to earn. Established brands became established because they consistently maintain good quality and respond to the market.

Always have humility and willingness to adapt. “When I was younger, I learned things from people who are older than me. But now, I am learning new things from people who are younger than me,” Yasa explained.

Always be grateful. No matter how hard the situation, we always look for a reason to wake up every morning. Knowing what we want will drive us forward. Looking around us will give us a sense of purpose.

Don’t miss these and tips and more in the full episode!

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