Based on precept that business operations can value together with the community. Tanoto Foundation works with APRIL to build clusters of small and medium enterprices (SMEs) in the vicinty of APRIL’s operating areas.

The initiatives include:

  • Improving local entrepreneurs skill sets to meet market requirements, including basic business managment, financial and accounting skills and vocational skills.
  • Opening access to business opportunities within APRIL’s value chain related support functions.
  • Linking SMEs participating in APRIL value chain whit commercial banks to get funding.


Achievements of the SME Development program as of December 31, 2015 :

  • 161 local SMEs in Riau awarded with 341 business contracts from APRIL. They provide goods and services at various stages of pulp and paper production, including manpower supply (32%), hauling of raw materials (19%), and transportation services for personnel (16%).
  • Provided business management training to 215 small and medium entrepreneurs supplying goods and services to APRIL.
  • Provided vocational training to 144 rural community members.