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Prior joining the SME Development Program, Pak Haji Basril was an illegal logger. When his area of operation along the Pelalawan River in Riau became part of APRIL’s concessions and therefore protected from any form of encroachment and unauthorized logging,

Pak Basril’s livelihood was jeopardized.

Fortunately, one of APRIL’s managers encouraged him to talk to APRIL to seek an opportunity on how he could partner with the company given his knowledge of the area. Later, he was directed to join the Local SME Development Program that was part of the company’s initiative to empower local communities.

Pak Basril decided to become a partner of APRIL in providing harvesting service, canal bridging and canal maintenance. He founded CV. Bina Terusan and joined the program in 2002 and received a loan from APRIL to procure one excavator for canal maintenance.

Six years later, capitalizing on continued business partnership with APRIL, CV Bina Terusan was awarded a 3,8 billion rupiah loan from Bank BTN to expand its excavator fleet. Currently, CV Bina Terusan is managing ten excavators and employing more than 75 employees to provide maintenance services for APRIL in Pelalawan.

“APRIL has provided opportunities for small businesses to grow in a constructive partnership. In 2002, my company only operated one excavator for canal maintenance; Now, there are ten excavators doing the job” said Pak Basril.

To ensure that Pak Basril is able to cope with the business expansion, APRIL and Tanoto Foundation continue to provide coaching and mentoring.

“I believe that the program has transformed me in a better way. It never crossed my mind that I, Basril, with years of experience in unauthorized logging, would become a quite successful businessman in Pangkalan Kerinci. I hope that the partnership with APRIL will sustain and I could share the fortune with the local people that work in my company” he added.

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