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In 2012, a group of independent farmers from Ukui,

Riau province, formed a farmer group called Asosiasi Amanah and participated in the Partnership Program offered by Asian Agri and Tanoto Foundation. Collectively, the group manages 1,048 hectares of productive palm oil plantations belonging to more than 501 families in 3 villages. Most of their palm oil was planted in 2001, by the time they joined the program, their plantation was reaching its most productive age.

Upon joining the program in 2012, the group was immediately given the RSPO preparation training.

As early as 8 months into the program, some plots of land were ready for RSPO certification. Pak Sunarno, the Group’s Liaison Officer to Asian Agri, also reported steady yield increases. In 2012, the group had produced 17.7 ton/ha and by 2015, production level was at 22.7 ton/ha. He is optimistic that the group will hit the target of 24 ton/ha in 2016.

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