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Beginning in 2013, the Tanoto Initiative at the Wharton School aims to:

  • Enhance business policy-oriented research on the Indonesian/ASEAN economy through closer links with Wharton.
  • Improve the quality of higher education in Indonesia, especially in business education.
  • Nurture future leaders.

Taking into account Wharton’s role as the leading academic institution in business, the establishment of this unprecedented partnership will encourage collaboration between the Wharton School and the ASEAN region, with a particular focus on Indonesia, through a multi-component program:

A. Global Modular Course

Every year Wharton conducts a Global Modular Course focusing on Indonesia and other ASEAN countries. Students gain the opportunity to obtain firsthand exposure to business challenges and opportunities in regions undergoing rapid change.

B. Faculty International Seminar

Provide funding to support Wharton faculties’ travel to the ASEAN region to establish links with partner universities in Southeast Asia, and provide them with in-depth exposure to investigate research questions and develop firsthand analysis of the region.

C. Faculty Research Grants

Support academic research and activities for Wharton faculties steeped in knowledge of Indonesia or ASEAN region. The grants will enable research to be conducted in the region of focus on topic of their choosing.

D. Global Faculty Development Program

Every year, selected faculties from Indonesian universities take part in the Wharton Global Faculty Development Seminar in Philadelphia, USA, aimed at mentoring and training the faculties on how to get their research published in top-tier international journals.

E. Scholarship and Fellowship

The program provides scholarship and fellowship funding for admitted Indonesian students in need of financial assistance. The program will be rolled out in 2016.

Teachers in this school are happy with their job. The school has many activities despite the limited resources that the schools have. With Tanoto Foundation’s help, our teaching technique is now comparable to the teachers out there. We do things differently now. Learning activities becomes fun and exciting.

Daryono, Teacher of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri Lubuk Kembang Sari, Riau

Children became more attentive during learning sessions. They are very happy with the playground facility in the center’s backyard. The spacious classroom also helps teachers to create learning corners for students activities. Thank you, Tanoto Foundation

Siti Maryam, The Principal of PAUD Bougenville 011, North Jakarta