Another example of Tanoto Foundation’s support for higher education is Tanoto Forestry Information Center at Institut Pertanian Bogor (IPB.) As a part of Tanoto Foundation’s initiative to support development of forestry sector in Indonesia, TFIC is a knowledge incubator with resources for research and seminars in the field of forestry management and science. It will connect IPB globally with other universities and research institutions.

Equipped with internet access, TFIC provides interactive and easy to use information on Indonesia’s forestry:

  • First Floor: Panels and videos about Indonesia’s forestry and biodiversity
  • Second Floor: Panels and videos about good forestry management practices. Second floor is also  completed with e-library with access to international journals on forestry. Also includes information on “The Fascinating World of Forestry” and an auditorium.
  • Third Floor: Student Hall for IPB students activities

Until December 2015, around 1,900 IPB students and 120 lecturers have benefited from TFIC.

Teachers in this school are happy with their job. The school has many activities despite the limited resources that the schools have. With Tanoto Foundation’s help, our teaching technique is now comparable to the teachers out there. We do things differently now. Learning activities becomes fun and exciting.

Daryono, Teacher of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri Lubuk Kembang Sari, Riau

Children became more attentive during learning sessions. They are very happy with the playground facility in the center’s backyard. The spacious classroom also helps teachers to create learning corners for students activities. Thank you, Tanoto Foundation

Siti Maryam, The Principal of PAUD Bougenville 011, North Jakarta