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On 23 September 2011, at the request of Program Studi Magister Manajemen Universitas Indonesia (MM-FEUI), our Founder, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto, shared his experience as an entrepreneur with over 300 students of the MBA program.

The talk, which highlighted how Mr. Sukanto Tanoto applied his business philosophy of 4Cs (good for Community, good for Country, good for Climate, and good for Company) in the natural resource management industry, inspired the advent of a long-term partnership between Tanoto Foundation and MM-FEUI.

The Tanoto Entrepreneurship Series was then conceived to be a platform for true entrepreneurs to share their stories with MBA students as well as general public, and inspire them to be entrepreneurs.

Until December 2015, Tanoto Entrepreneurship Series have achieved the following:

More than 1,100 MM-UI Graduate students participated in the events.
As of December 2015, the Series has featured thirteen speakers.

Teachers in this school are happy with their job. The school has many activities despite the limited resources that the schools have. With Tanoto Foundation’s help, our teaching technique is now comparable to the teachers out there. We do things differently now. Learning activities becomes fun and exciting.

Daryono, Teacher of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri Lubuk Kembang Sari, Riau

Children became more attentive during learning sessions. They are very happy with the playground facility in the center’s backyard. The spacious classroom also helps teachers to create learning corners for students activities. Thank you, Tanoto Foundation

Siti Maryam, The Principal of PAUD Bougenville 011, North Jakarta

Martin Hartono

CEO PT Sarana Menara Nusantara

if you care, your customer will care too

Anie Avantie

Contemporary Kebaya Pioneer

Dengan tidak mengerti, saya terus mencoba. Dengan mencoba, saya mendapatkan hal baru


7th President Republic of Indonesia

There are three important things that shoud be maintained in doing export. Quality, Competitive Price and On-time delivery

Noni Purnomo

Commissioner of PT Blue Bird taxi

Sebagai seorang entrepreneur, dimana ada halangan kita harus melihatnya sebagai satu tantangan. Semakin berat tantangannya berarti semakin kecil orang yang bisa sukses. Di saat itulah kita membuktikan bahwa kita bisa lebih dari yang lain