Pelita Guru Mandiri is a program aimed at improving teachers’ competence and their qualification.

Through Pelita Guru Mandiri, teachers are trained so they can implement high-quality, effective, yet enjoyable teaching and learning process for students in and out of classrooms. Teachers are trained in topics such as development and implementation of contextual learning approach, collaborative learning between teachers and students, and classroom management. To ensure that teachers maintain their quality of work, we carry out periodical visit to schools for direct observation and refresher training sessions.

Training of teachers is done by involving local teachers who have successfully completed training as program facilitators and eventually as peer educators. We have trained 230 teachers as peer educators. These teachers take an active role in the local working groups of teachers and principals, so that the teachers who do not participate directly in our training can also benefit from the skills and knowledge. Every year, we provide refresher training for the peer educations as part of their continuing professional education.

Teachers participating in the training are encouraged to form geographical groups or clusters. This allows sharing of experience and exchange of ideas among the teachers on how to implement the quality improvement in their respective schools.

Achievements of Pelita Guru Mandiri as of December 2015:

  • Worked with 215 schools
  • Trained more than 2,200 principals and teachers
  • Trained 230 teachers as peer educators
  • Provided scholarships for 151 teachers

With Pelita Guru Mandiri, students are now more active in the classroom. They are asking more questions, creating group discussions, and moving around the classroom for active learning.


“Teachers in this school are happy with their job. The school has many activities despite the limited resources that the schools have. With Tanoto Foundation’s help, our teaching technique is now comparable to the teachers out there. We do things differently now. Learning activities becomes fun and exciting.”

Daryono, Teacher of Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Negeri Lubuk Kembang Sari, Riau

“Children became more attentive during learning sessions. They are very happy with the playground facility in the center’s backyard. The spacious classroom also helps teachers to create learning corners for students activities. Thank you, Tanoto Foundation”

Siti Maryam, The Principal of PAUD Bougenville 011, North Jakarta

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