Pelita Asri (Aman, Sehat, dan Ramah Lingkungan) is a program to foster safe, clean, and healthy learning environment in schools. Pelita ASRI is implemented in a holistic manner, supporting the schools’ “hardware” as well as “software” components.

In implementing Pelita Asri, we work with various partners to:

  • Renovate classrooms
  • Provide classroom furniture and fixtures
  • Build or renovate toilets and install clean water supply
  • Increase students’ and teachers’ personal hygiene awareness
  • Increase students’, teachers’ and community members’ environmental awareness

Until December 2015, Pelita Asri has:

  • Renovate and built 350 classrooms
  • Provide more than 15,000 sets of classroom furniture
  • Implement 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) initiative 141 schools
  • Renovate and built 222 toilets
  • Trained 778 teachers in good hygiene habits and 3Rs
  • Good hygiene campaign reached more than 12,600 students

The majority of students in Sumatera Utara, Riau, and Jambi reported positive change in their behavior regarding good hygiene habits such as hand washing with soap under running water, keeping the environment clean, and not littering.

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